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Businesses Making A Difference

We at Plasticulture would like to congratulate a Waste Management of San Diego business for setting a record high number bottles recycled in 2010. This waste management company has gone above and beyond the call of duty by informing its residential and commercial customers about what can be recycled and the proper means of disposal. In addition to providing trash collection, the business has recycle centers open to the public and can process household hazardous waste as well. The efforts of companies like this ensure that plastics are available for reuse on essential agricultural projects.

Plasticulture's Products & Services

At, you will find environmentally conscious AG plastics such as hay bale wraps, mulch made with plastic film, irrigation tape, crop covers, tunnels, bags, and agricultural trays and pots, among other AG plastics, all of which can help your crops to stay safe and grow better.

To those under the impression that Plasticulture only produces plastic for agricultural applications, think again! We are pleased to announce that our plastic has been featured in several San Diego homes for sale. This sustainable development project uses 18 tons of recycled plastic trash per home to create the framework. Not only do these San Diego houses save thousands of pounds of recycled plastic waste from going into landfills, they are nearly four times as strong as houses with traditional concrete framework and provide twice the insulation. For our readers who are looking into San Diego houses for sale, Plasticulture recommends finding a San Diego real estate company that sells homes using our brand of plastic.

The Basic Benefits Of A Cold Air Intake System

An automotive parts website will often promote cold air intake systems as a simple way to improve various vehicles' performance. However, many drivers do not understand how cold air intakes work and why these add-on parts are a reliable investment.

There are three major advantages to a cold air intake. The first and most notable is that a properly installed intake will safely increase a vehicle's horsepower, sometimes substantially. The intake accomplishes this by improving a vehicle's fuel-air mixture while cooling the engine. On some vehicles, a cold air intake system results in a performance boost of about 15 horsepower, although this varies according to the system's components, materials and other factors.

This also improves vehicle throttle response. For some drivers, this is the more notable effect of an intake, especially with high-quality, large filter K&N cold air intake systems. A more responsive throttle makes for better control and more comfortable driving.

Finally, a cold air intake system improves a vehicle's gas mileage, since the vehicle uses more oxygen in its fuel-air mixture. This is often a very modest increase, but drivers who are fully outfitting their vehicles will appreciate the savings over time.

Drivers should measure carefully when buying cold air intake systems from a . Most intakes are easy to install and provide instant results, so they are an obvious choice for a first performance enhancement on a powerful vehicle.

Even Plasticulture Needs Legal Advice

In today's society, where the green movement is gaining ground and more people are moving toward wasting less, Plasticulture is leading the way. Specializing in agricultural plastics, Plasticulture is adept at getting any company growing through original AG research and providing plastics information. Waste management is among the top concerns for Plasticulture and is one of the main focuses for the organization. Reducing waste and getting more companies to use agricultural plastics can help reduce our carbon footprint and better, cleaner energy. But even a company like Plasticulture must worry about finding an expert attorney like Mario Madrid. Criminal activities still occur even at the green level.

A lot can go wrong in the business world, even if it relates to a business that is going green. That is why Plasticulture works to secure some of the best criminal law attorneys to ensure that all sectors of their business are covered. The fact is that there are certain laws that need to be followed in the agricultural plastics industry. While Plasticulture strives to follow all laws and ensure every safety measure is taken, not all companies in the industry do and there are some businesses that may omit a step or two. In these instances, a respectable Houston criminal attorney website must be sought.

To ensure that Plasticulture can offer the best, most expansive AG research and plastics information, the company must be covered legally. This is why it is a good idea to hire a criminal attorney.

Hydraulics in Agriculture Can Be Environmentally Friendly

Hydac supports many different industries, including the agricultural industry. They are a large supplier of pneumatic actuators and pressure systems which can be used in irrigation as well as other hydraulics.

Today, has over 1,000 distributors around the globe and is focused on making their parts accessible to the consumer. They have a lot of custom solutions designed to be configured to the needs of their clients.

In an agricultural setting, there are many instances where pressure must be maintained. This includes not only in the irrigation setting to water crops but also to be sure that feed is going to the animals and that chemicals are being sent out across the property to deal with pests.

Hydac is also very environmentally conscious. For over 12 years, they have been a leading supplier in gearboxes, inverters and generators for the wind energy distributors.

When a company is trying to go green and focus on everything they need within the agricultural industry, it's important not to focus solely on plastics and recycled items. There is also the need to focus on hydraulics - how water is being used and if all of the parts being used in mechanical equipment are sustainable so that it is not constantly being reused.

Hydac has the ability to work with consumers to figure out how to solve their needs. They have a product division designed to create a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.

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