Fast credit in 30 minutes
Long-term loans: home loans and other options

Fast credit in 30 minutes

Express money with a credit in 30 minutes. Do you urgently need money? With express credit, the money will be credited to your account within 30 minutes, ie immediately if you register before 3:00 p.m. and pay 39 USD for the additional service. Experience with Fine Bank – mini loan in 30 minutes. I chose […]

Long-term loans: home loans and other options

Long-term loans can be found in several variants. End users are most familiar with long-term loans from mortgage lending. Hardly any property is financed with a loan of only five years. However, consumer financing through long-term loans is rather the exception. Long-term loans are much more common in the economy than in private households.   […]

Real estate loan comparison: best interest rates for your home

Those who dream of their own four walls usually need a real estate loan. At Astro Finance, builders and home buyers can calculate their interest and request a non-binding offer. Our tariff experts find the cheapest individual property loan for them from hundreds of banks and savings banks and offer advice both by telephone and […]

Loan for the purchase of a plot of land

Only two years ago there were a lot of problems with the purchase of a plot for a loan, now it is easier. The easiest way to get a loan for a construction plot, of course, will also be easy to get money to buy a recreational or habitat plot, i.e. an agricultural plot, part […]

Loan for trainees: How do trainees find cheap loans?

In order to receive a loan during training, prospective students have to meet a number of requirements. In principle, loans are only granted to adults who live in Germany. Anyone who has a negative credit record entry will be rejected at almost every bank. In addition, a regular income is almost always necessary. Neither student […]

Loan with nowhere cheap guarantee: risk-free at Verivox!

With the nowhere cheaper guarantee from Lite Lender, you are on the safe side. At Lite Lender you have found your installment loan offer at the best interest. If you receive a loan offer from a credit institution, including through a credit intermediary (including other comparison portals), that is cheaper than the cheapest comparable loan […]

Credit repurchase how does it work?

  The weight and the high cost of living weighs on the shoulders of some employees. The expenses they make are often beyond what they earn. Buying back credit is an effective way for them to find solutions to financial issues that haunt more than one. Read this article, we take stock of the repurchase […]

MORTGAGE CREDIT: simply explained: definition and differences

Mortgages are used to secure loans and are extended by special mortgage banks. While the mortgage is linked to a specific loan, the land charge represents an abstract hedge that can also be entered in the land register without a corresponding liability. Only 20 percent of all mortgages still belong to mortgages, everything else is […]

Lend life insurance with a policy loan

Consumers with liquidity needs don’t always think that they have the necessary financial resources in the drawer. Policies that can be lent include life insurance and private pension schemes. However, life insurance and Rürüp and Riester pensions are not eligible for a loan. Depending on the duration of the savings phase and the amount of […]

Fully digital credit with an account view – it doesn’t get any faster

Regardless of whether the car gives up its ghost, the washing machine on strike at home or a particularly cheap holiday bargain: in some situations, a credit simply cannot be delayed. With a fully digital loan, you save around a week from application to payment. This is made possible, among other things, by the digital […]